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Make Supercharge your pathway to inclusion

At the 2015 Aussie Bigways National Record Event in Perris, Melissa realised that people who were not included were not bad flyers, they simply lacked information on how to fly their body in the ways needed to be successful. They were applying techniques learnt from AFF and B-Rel training in a situation that required greater finesse, control and precision.

Existing options for coaching tended to rely on an experienced flyer talking about how they fly. We are all so very different physically and have unique goals. Supercharge offers an objective and structured approach to sharing best practice information tailored to your needs.

“Have you been Supercharged?”  For P3 events, a “YES” answer carries a lot of weight.

– Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld: 4 and 8-way World Champion. Founder of Arizona Airspeed and P3. Author of “Above All Else”. Manager of Skydive Perris.

How can Supercharge training help you get ahead?


Expertise - by Skydivers for Skydivers


Best Practice - personal body flight techniques, education and training


Structured - tiered content to build precision and speed


Mentored - coaching calls before you fly to share information, inform your development plan and maximise your investment


Personalised - a partnership approach to your learning

Do you want to save time, money and effort?

Jump numbers do not define skill or ability. The tunnel provides an efficient and effective training environment.

Supercharge training takes advantage of the tunnel. With no weather worries, immediate video feedback and the opportunity for repetition on the day, you can create new muscle memory ready to take to the sky.

Return on Investment

You build skills quickly at a lower cost compared to years in the sport and jump numbers alone.


Target your training to get maximum value.


The tunnel environment enables you to focus intensely on personal flying and team techniques.

“Use your legs! My what? The path to good flying skills began with my first Supercharge Camp.”

– Martin Klapper

What makes our system work?

Our signature ‘3P’ system of Posture, Proximity and Perspective explains best practice principles of personal body flight in a sequential series. It provides the basis for an individualised training syllabus for you to develop confidence and control in your flying.

These skills then combine with relative work techniques so that you can fly as an integral part of a formation and team.

Personal flying skills and relative work are the building blocks for the technical disciplines of 4-way, 8-way and big way formation skydiving.

“Supercharge – focused, productive and totally non-judgemental.”

– Craig Morris.

There is more to it than simply buying a coach’s time

Our coaching approach is one of partnership. We take time with you to understand your experience and your sporting goals and discuss what you can do to achieve them. This approach is different to turning up on the day and asking ‘what do you want to work on?’


We work with you in coaching calls before you fly


Coached time puts our discussions into action


We follow up to plan the next steps on your learning journey

It’s time for your success story.
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