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Experts endorse Supercharge

“The Supercharge program is one of the best I’ve seen for training FS jumpers at any level, from students to world class competitors.”

Dan Brodsky-Chenfield – 4 and 8way World Champion. Founder of Arizona Airspeed and P3. Author of “Above All Else”. Manager of Skydive Perris. Visit his website.

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There are so many pieces of the puzzle when striving to excel in Formation Skydiving. It takes an amazing combination of personal flying skills, mental training, discipline, repetition and the ability to think while you fly or to stop thinking and allow your instincts and muscle memory to guide you.

I’ve known Melissa Harvie for nearly 20 years. As a competitor, coach, record holder and participant in some of the most challenging large formation skydives ever done I’ve seen her master these skills while also never stopping to work on them.

Her Supercharge program is one of the best I’ve seen for training FS jumpers at any level, from students to world class competitors. When jumpers from Australia apply for P3 events and we want to get a clear idea on their ability one of the questions we ask them is “Have you been supercharged?” A “yes” answer carries a lot of weight.

“Whether you’re just starting in the sport or have been jumping for 25 years there’s always something to learn. Supercharge Programs are relative to every discipline and can improve you as a beginner, an athlete, coach and instructor. “

Jules McConnel – Sport Development Manager – Australian Parachute Federation. Visit her website.

Fact – the current Australian Largest Freefall Formation of a 130way, achieved in Perris, USA 2019, would not have been accomplished without Supercharge.”

Tracey Basman – for Aussie Bigways. Visit the Bigways website.

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Supercharge works – it is a no brainer to sign up, we highly recommend it and may you never be the same again – in a good way of course. Giddy Up!

Having witnessed the progression of the Supercharge program from its inception in 2016 and the consistent results achieved within our skydiving community, we attest to the all-encompassing outcomes. The program has taken true dedication and years to develop and collate and reflects the best practice body flight techniques used by experts worldwide and needed if you want to do more in the sport.

The current Australian Largest Freefall Formation of a 130way, achieved in Perris, USA 2019, would not have been accomplished without Supercharge. Fact!

Aussie Bigways partnered with Supercharge over our 4 year training journey leading up to the 2019 record event. 47% of our record participants completed varying levels of the program. Some we know would never have made it through to that last record-breaking jump if not for Supercharge.

Our Aussie Bigways community have much to be thankful for, that this structured program was widely available to so many in our bigway training to break this Australian record.

Investing early in your personal flying skills will pay dividends in your skydiving career and it is never too late to invest. Old timers have spread new wings having been Supercharged.  We have witnessed the body flight principles learnt in Supercharge translate to every discipline of Skydiving; they are all encompassing. It is no brainer to sign up, we highly recommend it. 

“This is absolutely the ticket! Get involved and enjoy being part of such an exciting, awesome sport!”

Cindi Hemmila – Chief Instructor – Sydney Skydivers. Visit her website.

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So, you have your A licence and have finished your B rels and are excited for the next step to get you closer to chasing your skydiving dream! But how do you get there?

The Supercharge program is designed just for YOU, to take you through from here so you can launch into many more exciting things. Build your freefall skills and improve your canopy skills, learn how to fly safely with others in the sky.
The program starts with tunnel training and leads into skydiving. Learn new skills in the tunnel then put them to practice in the air.

Whether it is bigger or competitive flat jumps, free fly, wing suit, angles, or whatever discipline you are drawn to, fundamental safety and the potential to achieve your goals comes from your core flat flying skills and a Star Crest. These are essential criteria to launch into whatever it is you are dreaming of.

This is absolutely the ticket! Get involved and enjoy being part of such an exciting, awesome sport!

“This goal-oriented program is a game changer.”

David Loncasty – Australian Big Way Guru and Coach

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I believe that the Supercharge program leads to better skydiving. It is obvious from my perspective that this platform is tried and true. Whether you are just off AFF or developing your advanced flying skills, this goal-oriented program is a game changer for the dedicated skydiver.

The Supercharge program delivers results. Basic body flight techniques are honed, and new concepts introduced to refine your skydiving skills. Methodologies are explored and explained to enable ease of flight. No question include the Supercharge program in your training plan.

“As a coach, Melissa is passionate, detail orientated and highly structured, using an approach that all learning types will benefit from.”

Mark Lea – Tunnel2Sky Coaching. Visit his Facebook page.

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It’s been a pleasure to watch Melissa compete, train and coach throughout my 6 years in the industry.
As a competitor Melissa is fierce and determined, during training she is goal driven and focused. Her results in the State, National and International levels speak for themselves.

As a coach, Melissa is passionate, detail orientated and highly structured, using an approach that all learning types will benefit from. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is an invaluable resource for any skydiver, whether AFF, Bigways or someone competing on the world stage.

“Skydiver or Tunnel Flyer give Supercharge a go right now!”

Kurmet Jaadla – Chief Instructor iFLY Downunder

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It’s been great to see Supercharge grow and evolve over the years here at iFLY Downunder. The growing numbers haven’t affected Melissa’s and other Supercharge coaches attention to detail and personal approach when it comes to organising the best possible event for their students.

Melissa is very safety conscious which is valued by all of our instructors. Progress is good but progressing safely is our main concern and during a Supercharge camp the instructors know that we are getting a well-planned session and are made aware of what to expect.

Melissa has been probably the single most curious outside coach (that’s someone other than an iFLY instructor), about tunnel safety and how it is best to perform certain drills in a manner that helps the instructor and the student. And that’s why the instructors hardly ever need to step in for anything other than letting flyers in and out of the tunnel or help with a drill.

So, if you are a skydiver or just a tunnel flyer, working towards or on your relative work skills and like learning in a personalised, safe and structured environment, you should give Supercharge a go right now!

People like you are achieving their goals and having more fun

“I give credit to Melissa’s coaching and the Supercharge program for my success. Absolutely 100%.”

Micky Paris

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This photo sums up who I am and it was a successful Supercharge Camp that ensured I was not bumped off the Aussie record jump.

I give credit to Melissa’s training and the Supercharge program for my success. Absolutely 100%.

This is my life and I love skydiving and it is a small community and like a family too.

My goal was simple – to get to Perris and be on the Aussie Record jump in 2019 and I achieved that thanks to Melissa and Supercharge.

A Supercharge camp is the only one I would recommend for serious formation skydiving competition and bigway preparation.

Love it love it love it.

“Melissa created a customised program for me and pushed me to my limits, we called it ‘Weapon Training’!”

Kate Vaughan

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I love the fast, frenetic fun of FS and believe anything is possible! I have a wonky left side and very short arms – coaching helps to reduce this great burden ☹

I went to Melissa for a Supercharge Clinic to optimise my skills because I was longing to find some extra power in my flying that seemed so elusive! I would watch the pros (including Melissa) and fathom how they could do what they do with such little perceived effort.

Melissa created a customised program for me and pushed me to my limits, we called it ‘Weapon training’! Melissa is a very inspiring coach to spend time with, she exposed me to new techniques and helped me find even more power in my flying.

“Supercharge, the results speak for themselves. National podium with gold in 4way A and two Australian Records.”

Kristina Hicks

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Without Supercharge there is no way I could have developed my flying skills to be on the Australian 130-way Record. The development has been so critical in my skills development as a bigway and 4way flyer and the results are evident, National podium in 4way and on 2 x Australian Records.

The growth in my flying skills didn’t happen overnight. In my first camp I was so frustrated that things weren’t happening straight away. This led to developing mental strength and determination and in my second camp my flying improved so much that I cried for joy this time!

The Supercharge approach taking time in coaching calls to identify and develop your goals is fantastic, you truly create a plan with achieving your goals in mind. This training is an absolute must for any beginner flyer or team flyers!

“The Supercharge program has dramatically increased my enjoyment of this sport that I have loved for nearly 50 years!”

Mike Dyer

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Being old school, you develop habits that you’re not even aware of and this program identifies those and gives you the remedies.

I’ve never had so much skydiving fun packed into 3 days.
While there are many good coaches around, there is only so much that can be done on a DZ.

The Supercharge program has been refined over the last 5 years to become the best way to improve your skydiving and maximise your fun in the sport.

  • There are several things that make Supercharge the best option for getting more out of your skydiving:
  • The program has been refined over several years and many camps
  • Classroom sessions clearly explain concepts & prepare for dirt dives
  • Comprehensive dirt diving before each session in the tunnel
  • Detailed analysis of each person’s videos from each flight
  • Professional, patient and fun coaches!
  • The most time & cost-effective way to fast track your learning
  • It is unique

“My Supercharge experience empowered me to simply be a better person (and skydiver).”

Richard Mallet

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My name is Richard. I’m a humble Supercharge graduate and 3D athlete. Why 3D athlete I hear you ask? And what’s that got to do with Supercharge? The easy answer relates to how I think about skydiving and how fortunate we are to enjoy such a cool sport. The more complicated response relates to how I think about life and how it’s made better when I connect with people.

The real joy of skydiving comes through connections. I have been fortunate to have connected with some outstanding teachers on my skydive journey. They helped me to learn and acquire new skills, knowledge and aptitude. With Supercharge I quickly realised it was much more than simply being a better flier. Melissa’s whole approach to teaching and coaching was far more comprehensive, engaging and challenging. Supercharge demands a whole new mindset.

Without doubt, Supercharge really challenged my thinking and taught me how to choose to behave differently. It’s made a huge impact on how I think and relate to others. In short, my Supercharge experience empowered me to simply be a better person (and skydiver).

“Despite having 1700 jumps, going back to the basics was the best way to improve my flying and to achieve my goal; I was on the record-breaking team in Perris 2019!”

Jarrod Matthews

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I had approx.. 1700 jumps and no tunnel time before being involved in the Supercharge program. My skydiving experience was mainly instructing and wing suiting. Then I got in contact with Melissa – I wanted to attend the 2019 Australian record attempt in Perris Valley, May 2019.

I was blown away with how many bad habits I had picked up by focusing more on other people’s progression rather than my own and how comprehensive and detailed the Supercharge program was. It gave me the opportunity to go back to square one basics and improve my flying from the ground up.

The ability of the Supercharge team to explain the reason why something is done the way it is, and then to be able to pick out the finest details in the debrief helps push you to be the best flyer you can be.

On reflection, despite having 1700 jumps, going back to the basics was the best way to improve my flying and to achieve my goal; I was on the record-breaking team in Perris 2019 and am now enjoying the fast, furious world of 4way.

“Supercharge gave me skills that would prove crucial to my bigway success in Perris!”

John Garnett

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I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Supercharge team in helping me achieve my goal of being part of the Aussie Bigway Record!

2 years prior I decided that was my goal & I formulated a plan to get there.

I mapped out the events I wanted to attend, and the number of jumps I would commit to being at prior to the event in California in June 2019. I also had a skill level I needed to be at in my own mind to guarantee my spot on the team.

As fate would have it, I met Melissa at Moruya around that time & we discussed the Supercharge program in the tunnel in Sydney.

It seemed like a perfect part of my training plan to improve on my flying skills, and what an amazing 3 days it was!
With the help from Melissa and the Supercharge coaching team I felt like I really improved my body position, stability, and honed my flying in proximity to others. Skills that would prove crucial to my success nearly 7 months later in Perris!

Thanks too for all the mentoring well after the camp was run and the continued interest and support in my progress.
I would highly recommend Melissa’s coaching and Supercharge programs for anyone who wishes to improve their overall flying skills in the sky.

“I love how Melissa works one on one to tailor a plan to suit the individual and make you grow.”

Janelle Hinze

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In my photo, I’d just landed from the 4th successful 32way Sequential record. Last jump of the day, last jump of the event. Nagambie Aussie Bigways camp 2016 with Dan BC.
I love the sport and for years have been infatuated. Once I finished my B-Rels a mentor sent me applications for the 2015 Bigway Record event in Perris. I was nowhere near ready but determined.

I needed to train lots and I did. Bigways gave me goals to put my ambition towards and from that time on it’s been my focus.

Working with Melissa from my Star Crest days in the sky and in the tunnel, made me aware of strengths and weaknesses I had developed in my flying.

I know the coaching I received has helped me achieve some great things and be part of so many awesome events both interstate and overseas. I love how Melissa works one on one to tailor a plan to suit the individual and make you grow.

Melissa breaks down into steps, the physical and mental aspects of flying so I can understand why I fly the way I do and how by subtly changing mental and physical attitudes I could achieve efficiency with consistency on those record attempts.

Our vision on the ground becomes reality in the air. Supercharge is the future to fast tracking any progression in the sport!

“By the end of our Clinic, I had the most control I’ve ever felt. Melissa knew exactly what to change & what not to.”

Jarrod Nolan

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When asked by a Established 4way team only a few weeks before The Australian Indoor Nationals to fill in for a team member, I stressed my flying was not up to my best as I had been flying camera for the previous year with not much relative work at all.

To show respect to this 4way team as they thought of me when needing a replacement, I decided that I needed help. I contacted Melissa and she suggested a Supercharge Posture Clinic.

I asked for a face to face coaching call and Melissa met with me in a local pub, The Oaks. We discussed what we needed to do, and Melissa took into account my entire history of skydiving, body shape & size, strengths & weaknesses (there are a few of those). We made a plan & fare welled each other to meet on the following weekend at the Tunnel.

We meet early, smiles were large and, donning our suits, we went over our plan before our first flight. Feeling both confident & excited our time started. Things started off slow and relaxed and as we tweaked the plan between sets our momentum took off. By the end of our clinic, I had the most control I’ve ever felt, Melissa knew exactly what to change & what not to.

The Nationals went great with our team took home a bronze.

I would recommend Supercharge to anyone needing to boost or refresh their flying skills!

“I now have solid flying skills. It was not always so. Fun jumps, it turns out, are not really much fun in the long run.”

Martin Klapper

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To me, skydiving is about performing at your best with your peers, making that best your average and finding a better best. Then repeat. I have Melissa Harvie and Tracey Basman to thank for setting me on that path, they both encouraged me from day one, and have kept me on it.

I now have solid flying skills. It was not always so. Fun jumps, it turns out, are not really much fun in the long run.

Around five or so years ago I chose RW as my discipline – I was not too interested in freefly and the idea of jumping in large and sequential formations out of multiple airplanes appealed greatly. I also had little idea of what good body position for RW meant, but thought I had the basics nailed. So, I applied for a Perris P3 sequential camp.

What a wakeup call. First day, five jumps. Five times low. Never got near nailing an exit (unlinked, mind you). Dan called me out at the end of that day and, kindly and firmly, asked me to think about whether my flying skills were up to the required standard. Message received – I left the camp and, having received a reality check but not disheartened, retuned to Australia looking for ways to learn about these elusive body flying skills.

A difficult year followed. I jump at Toogooolawah and found it hard to work out how to pick up the skills. I’d get some hints and suggestions (mostly clean) and a few practice jumps with various jumpers, most in informal fun jumps, around 6way size, and as much by observation and trial and error improved over time. I took part in star crest jumps and then applied to intermediate events in other States. An early camp in those time with LG at Picton, my first time there, stands out.

I say with no room for error and with absolute certainly that my path to good flying skills began with my first Supercharge camp.

I entered into that with some trepidation – would I make a fool of myself? Was I good enough to be there with these awesome people? But, you know, all that did not matter. Over three days I learned the basics for the very first time in a structured setting. The feeling from the start was that my skills were what they were, and could and would be improved, and that in my own way, I was already awesome. What a great feeling.

The challenges were constant – ok, you can do that, well done, but now do this, or do it that way. Use your legs! My what? Oh boy, now it’s gone all wonky again. And, sometime later, not always in that camp but in the next one or in an event or a regular jump, it works!

It would take years after that to unlearn bad habits and get good ones, and that’s an ongoing process. I’m nowhere near where I want to be. I have completed 12 P3 events, including three invitations to the Spring Fling, and feel like I belong in any given RW group, anywhere in the world. I have put that to the test in Australia, the US (including the 130way Australian record in May-June 2019), Botswana (the Makgadikgadi Epic) and Europe (look out for Sequential Games events run by Patrick Passe and his colleagues).

The fun in skydiving for me is in using and improving skills in the sky with great people, and I have found my fun.

“Appreciation of my Centre Point and switching on my core has become a reality!”

Ali Bates

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I’m an old fart, skydiving since 1992, maybe attending one boogie a year with larger than 4 ways. I used to “get there” but it was usually luck and wasn’t gracefully controlled.

I got interested in Aussie Bigways in 2017 and saw a lot of people using techniques I had vaguely heard of. One of my friends suggested attending a Supercharge Camp to get better control of myself in freefall. I was fortunate to be jumping with Melissa in Moruya and she talked to me about the Supercharge program.

I registered for a camp and appreciation of my CP and switching on my core became a reality. Four of us were coached by Melissa and Greg over three days with comprehensive briefing and debriefing coupled with humour and positive feedback.

I’m still practicing the many techniques they guided us through, and my jumping has improved so now I can manage to look mildly graceful in the air. The journey continues and each time my awareness expands.

“Melissa’s enthusiasm and professionalism are contagious. Every facet was covered, ingrained bad habits quickly picked up and steps put in place to remedy them.”

Bill Bleazard

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I have been involved in skydiving for almost 30 years, as an instructor, cameraman, competitor and fun jumper.

In 2013 I suffered major injuries in a landing accident, which kept me out of the sport for over a year. After slowly getting back in the air, a friend talked me into attending an Aussie Bigway event.

As enjoyable as it was, I realised I need to improve my flying skills, so signed I up for the Supercharge program.
Melissa’s enthusiasm and professionalism were contagious. Every facet was covered, ingrained bad habits quickly picked up and steps put in place to remedy them.

My goal was to be on the Aussie Bigway record in Perris, in 2019, and in no small part, thanks to Melissa and the Supercharge Program, I was able to achieve that goal.

I would have no qualms recommending the Supercharge program to any jumper, whatever their experience level.

“Supercharge is a MUST for new skydivers – learn awesome flying skills straight away without having to ‘un-learn’ the wrong techniques.”

Ove Jorgenson

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When you have spent over 3 decades flying the ‘old-fashioned way’ with almost only arms and upper body, it is hard to un-learn those bad habits and learn the new, efficient flying techniques, USING YOUR LEGS!!!

Well, Melissa has put together a fantastic course for that and for all other flyers, the Supercharge Program!

If you are a ‘flat flyer’ doing 4-ways, 8-ways or big ways or whatever, Supercharge is a very effective way to kick-start your flying skills in a very positive way. And I think, it is a MUST for new skydivers, who can learn those awesome flying skills straight away without having to ‘un-learn’ the wrong techniques.

And Melissa is an awesome teacher. She is very passionate about her skydiving and about teaching others the right flying skills. And on top of that, she is one of Australia’s best skydivers, having been on many Australian records and representing Australia at several World Championships.

Now I just love practicing my leg turns, when doing tandems!

Highly Recommended!

“Melissa’s coaching approach is second to none and the progress is clearly visible in my flying.”

Daniel Ahern

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I got to a point where I wasn’t sure what direction I was going with skydiving. After working with Melissa and having the opportunity to jump with her she ignited a passion for 4way and competition. Her approach is second to none and the progress is clearly visible.

“Be less shit. It’s not the cost of doing it, it’s the cost of not doing it!”

Kerry Hook

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I gave up the sport many years ago out of frustration.

I started under round chutes in New Zealand with small numbers of jumpers, frequent weather effected weekends, and dissatisfaction with my own progress. Two jumpers from our area even travelled to Australia to get their star crests.

Having revisited the sport in mid-2016 in Australia, with larger aircraft, many jumpers, better weather, and wind tunnels, the only limitations were my budget and my ability. I knew the satisfaction I craved would be achieved most economically by improving my ability with specialised, focused and structured training.

A visiting Aussie Bigways leader to our DZ, pointed me towards Melissa Harvie, and her Supercharge Program. This was a major turning point in my ability and satisfaction in the sport.

Up to date, best practice techniques taught in an open, inclusive environment, with a friendly encouraging team, rapidly advanced my understanding and confidence in my own ability.

I learnt and improved more over those three days at the end of July, than I had done after approximately 270 jumps all those years ago. It was game on!

My pre camp vision sent to Melissa and the team was as follows:

My vision is to achieve the skill level that enables me to safely, reliably, accurately, and rewardingly, participate in formation Skydiving to the level of big way and record events.
I will have control and precision instinctively ingrained, as much as humanly possible, to contribute to the collective achievement of the group.

After the camp at the end of July 2016, I achieved my Star Crest in the middle of August on jump number 312.
The following 588 jumps have rewarded me with 3 sequential bigway national records, the 130 way national record, and a gold medal in 4 way A 2019 Nationals (Bin Chickens)
I would not dare dream of such achievements all those years ago.

Supercharge gave me the tools and ongoing support to achieve my vision and I can’t thank Melissa and the team enough.

Be less shit, it’s not the cost of doing it, it’s the cost of not doing it…

“The great thing about Supercharge is that it works no matter what your skill level is.”

Marcus Bourget

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Whether you’ve got 50 or 5,000 jumps the program is flexible enough to build and develop on your personal flying skills.

Supercharge me gave me all the skills and confidence I needed to be part of the team that broke the Australian national formation skydiving record.

“Supercharge fundamentals have served me well as I’ve begun to transition to other disciplines in the sport, giving me a strong flying position and big picture mentality.”

Anton Brown

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I was lucky enough to have coaching and be mentored by Melissa for the 2018 indoor nationals in the 4-way FS category. As a novice, it was clear I needed help even though my team were kind and patient.

Melissa’s approach of practical and theory lessons quickly instilled the fundamentals of stable body flight so I could focus more on the bigger picture and being where I needed to be for the team.

These fundamentals have served me well as I’ve begun to transition to other disciplines in the sport, giving me a strong flying position and big picture mentality.

I would recommend Melissa to anyone wanting to turbo charge their FS skills for competition or just to make you feel more comfortable flying your body in the primary skydiving position.

“Supercharge – fundamental for self-achievement, safety and great socially.”

Adam Geary

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At the age of 16 looking at the entrance of the drop zone in Ipswich Suffolk in England on my motorbike thinking after a few days of thought that I’d like to take up skydiving. I rode away at that time thinking ‘I must do that one day’. In reality I chickened out and ultimately never started what I should have/wanted to do until many years later, 22 years to be exact.

At the age of 38 I decided I was ready and started an AFF course in Taupo New Zealand where I live now. Immediately I struggled through the levels as I’m not so natural at any sport. I quickly learnt that immersing myself when time and money was available got me both more experience and hooked on this great sport.

After 150 Jumps or so without much direction, meeting with friends occasionally for some fun jumps, even though the jumps were fun I found the failure to complete what we set out to do to be disappointing. I then learnt of the Aussie Bigways team and how they can and want to help participants improve and be part of ultimately something I haven’t yet experienced.

After a few visits to Aussie from New Zealand I liked what I saw in both the professionalism and social side of skydiving. I learnt that the sport itself dictates the more it is done the more improved I wanted to be and inspired to attempt more challenging stuff in the sky.

I found myself talking to Melissa from Supercharge and quickly realized from our coaching calls prior to my Supercharge Camp, that until that point I hadn’t taken the sport that has become a big part of my life seriously, and realized this may very well help me along a bit to help make every jump I do a success.

When everyone met for the camp at the tunnel in Sydney I saw how serious this was! We had our own space in a conference room. We started with a discussion on the weekend plan and how we were going to achieve it. Our group was 4 participants and 2 coaches (Melissa and LG).

I must say it was all quite an intense learning experience. At that point I had never gone through each visit to the tunnel in so much detail, both pre and post flights.

Both coaches’ obvious wealth of knowledge and experience helped me to understand stuff I thought I couldn’t do before but managed to that weekend. For me I learnt new terms and got to understand the term ‘body and leg mechanics’ something I hadn’t even heard of.

What I took away from it and still do (because the penny keeps dropping) even a year later, is the importance to take what I do a little more seriously, because I find I’m enjoying skydiving a lot more now than I did.

Furthermore, being a sport that I have seen many people doing until very late in life competitively I reckon I will be enjoying this a very long time. I often cast my mind back to that day when I was 16 and felt for me, I wasn’t ready then to start skydiving but now that I have, learning it properly is fundamental for self-achievement, safety and great socially.

I recommend Supercharge as part of your journey. The photo above is from Moruya 2018, a camp with Melissa as coach a few months after my Supercharge Camp. Even though we didn’t get much jumping in due to bad weather, I felt I achieved well, and I did it thanks to taking this sport more seriously and to Supercharge.


“I had been a casual and basically naf skydiver for more than 10 years.”

Peter McKenzie

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Occasional boogie coaching and learning curve camps but no real goals, challenges or achievements. If it wasn’t for the fun I had in the POPS community I would probably have quit skydiving.

I am also “built for base” and never been challenged to perform otherwise. Having been encouraged to join the Aussie Bigways by the (thankfully) persistent Greg Jack, I met some of the amazing coaches we have in Australia. I had laughed at the idea that I would ever be good enough to be on a record jump, then I thought “to hell with it – everyone needs a goal!”. Go hard or go home they say.

Supercharge was a key part of my preparation for the Aussie Bigways records attempts. The format of the Supercharge programme creates a fun, supportive environment of custom-built coaching and self-discovery.

The compressed format over a 3-day weekend provides the level of improvement you would need months of coached skydives to achieve. The pre-work and hand-crafted exercises to help each individual makes the program great value for money. I certainly backed up for more and will do it again to tune up.

Melissa and the Supercharge team have a wealth of knowledge and the ability to share it. I had a blast… I would recommend the supercharge program to anyone looking to take their flying to the next level.

Who’d have thought? 118-way, 32-way 3 point sequential, 45-way 2 point sequential, 130-way… and more goals to meet (Including POPS national 4-way team)!

“Supercharge focuses on individual flying skills – so that you can do what is asked of you in any bigway or FS group.”

Derek Murphy

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I started my big way journey prior to the Aussie record in 2010 and as I missed being on the record due to lack of knowledge and ability. I was determined to rectify this by being more proactive in searching for ways I could improve my flying.

I attended all the big way weekends but found, due to the focus being on the group, that personal flying skills were not really developed as it was more about the P3 way of running a big way, great for radials, stadium red zone etc but not diving, proximity flying, staying in your slot etc.

Then Supercharge was offered by Melissa. It is really focused on individual flying skills, holding your slot, flying on your chassis, being strong, tweaking your flying as things changed around you etc. It also showed me where I needed to improve i.e. matching fall rates, equipment selection, fitness, mushing, etc.

Since doing Supercharge, I feel much more able to achieve any slot I’m assigned, staying strong and being a competent member of a big way group.

Being on the 2015 and 2019 records was amazing but it was really in 2019, after attending Supercharge that I felt capable of being slotted anywhere and not feel worried about my ability to be in slot and not let the team down. I can’t say enough about how Supercharge gave me the skills and confidence to perform. I would recommend it to anyone looking at improving their personal flying skills.

“I really connected with Melissa`s coaching style which just made sense.”

Craig Morris

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Just a quick note to express my thanks for the time, effort, knowledge and patience you afforded me during my recent Tunnel Clinic.

I worked in the industry for several years I was well settled in the comfort of Tandems, AFF, Camera. Blah Blah Blah.
Having almost faded out of the sport I discovered Aussie Bigways which gave me the opportunity as a skydiving fossil to renew my interest in the sport. (I think 35 years in the sport classifies me as a fossil.)

What an eyeopener…! Getting out and just docking whenever was no longer doing my job.

The Supercharge program totally changed my perspective. Melissa tailored a program for me based on the Supercharge system.

I found it to be focused, productive and totally non-judgemental. I really connected with Melissa`s coaching style which just made sense.

I now feel I have the basics sorted but still have a lot to learn. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience. I look forward to round two soon.

“I enjoyed the social side of skydiving but always looked longingly at the ‘cool’ kids.”

Shirley Cowcher

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First jump in 1994 was a tandem which was followed a few months later with an AFF. I wasn’t a natural and I had to convince myself to exit the plane each time – it was more than 70 jumps before that fear subsided. I switched between AFF and static line and back to AFF (that’s another story). I did thirteen AFF stage 4s before I was able to maintain a heading and it took me 100 jumps to obtain my certificate A. I had good instructors but at that time I didn’t understand the connection between body mechanics and flying (I’m not sure they did either) and every time I got out the plane I was having to overcome a very natural fear, we all experience, as well as performance anxiety. Doesn’t sound like a recipe for success. I am not a quitter! I persevered and took another 60 or so jumps to get my certificate B. I had found a way to fly but I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I enjoyed the social side of skydiving but always looked longingly at the “cool” kids. Those that were invited on the large formations at the end of the day and just knew that they could make it to their slot without any hesitation; those that competed in state and national competitions and were invited to participate in national and international large formation jumps. I wanted that!
Wind tunnels changed my skydiving. I had my first experience in a wind tunnel in 2004. I did a 5 day camp under the P3 banner with Dan BC. It introduced me to disciplined 4-way of which I knew very little – Dan referred to formations by letters and numbers, my Aussie friends used the names of the formations and I looked blank. We would practice formations in the tunnel in the morning and take the dives into the sky in the afternoon. A baptism of fire and I loved it. I also realised how much I had to work on my flying style to ensure that I stayed in close proximity, on level and could keep up the pace of the skydive. This was my Eureka moment. I realised how much more I had to learn and decided I’s take up the challenge.

In 2006 I attended a P3 Bigways camp and loved the challenge and the camaraderie. Challenge accepted, I decided I wanted to be part of the Big Way community and go as big as I could. In 2009 I was accepted and was part of the Women’s World Record for Largest Formation In 2014 I was part of a 2 point 117-way which was both an open and women’s world record for the largest sequential formation and along the way I have been a part of 5 Australian large Formation records and several Australian and WA State large sequential formation records. I’ve competed in 4 way at State and National level and I get invited to organise the large formation at the end of the day. The only thing is I’m still not that confident that I can guarantee I will get to my slot every time – but that’s another story.

I did my first camp with Melissa in 2015 when she decided that she was going to offer her extensive expertise to help people improve their flying skills. I decided I needed to step up and improve my 4 way skills but in doing that I needed to improve my personal flying skills.

The Supercharge camp was great but what set it up was the work we did before we even got to the tunnel.

Melissa coached me through setting my goals, not only for the camp but for my skydiving future. She also encouraged me to be brutally honest with myself in where I was in terms of Skills, Knowledge and Attitude. This is a foundational part of the program to know where you are and what you need to do to move forward. I also really valued the mentoring that she provided after the camp. It was great to know I could drop her an email about something related to my flying or my team and she would respond.

I enjoyed the discipline of the camp having to work on personal skills and then use them when flying with others. Each skill was layered so you didn’t feel overwhelmed and you also didn’t feel that you weren’t improving.

It was such a success for me that I was surprised when a local judge commented that they had noticed the improvement of my flying from judging my 4-way team before the camp and after the camp. I liked Melissa’s approach so much that I signed up for a Supercharge Booster camp the next year and apply a lot of the drills that Melissa and her team use when I’m working with novice skydivers in the local tunnel. I even have a refresher session scheduled with her in April 2019 and I’m taking the rest of my 4 way team with me.

For me, the Supercharge program has made me realise that developing the right skills is an essential part of really enjoying skydiving and knowing that with these skills as a foundation anyone can build and improve and set goals that will satisfy their desires – be that fun 4-way, 8-way, 16-way or world championships.

Even if you see “flat flying” as something you have to do to get to the “good” stuff remember the foundational skills of personal body flight are all gained whilst flying flat. Confidence in this orientation allows you to build and accelerate skills as you move to other orientations. And if you’ve got these foundational skills you never lose them – they may get rusty, but you can always refresh. That would be your opportunity to do a Supercharge camp, again :)

“Supercharge built my confidence and gave me the knowledge that ‘I CAN DO IT’.”

Maria Barreto

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Mum, Wife, and very bad multitasker. Skydiving makes me happy and 4-way formation Skydiving makes me even happier!

Three words – “JUST DO IT”.

Those three words are what I would say to anyone that asks about the Supercharge Program, especially if you are a new skydiver. Trust me ;) You will save time and money getting good.
People would tell me to “Just Fly my body” or to “Be Strong”. I didn’t have a clue what on earth that meant, so I reached out to Melissa to get help as I love 4 way and didn’t want to give it up just because I felt like I sucked at it.

Her Program is structured, lots of fun and makes sense. Melissa and the team are awesome to work with. They are professional but also nurturing and fun. They believe in you and love what they do.

I’m the sort of person that needs to know how and why things happen and Supercharge did that. It taught me how my body works in the sky and what I should do to move in the air. But the most important thing it did was build my confidence and gave me the knowledge to know that “I CAN DO IT”.

“Clench That Butt”, get on the course and find out what I mean.

“Since I’ve been Supercharged, I’ve gradually improved each year and have found the more progression I do, the more fun it is flying.”

Stacey Brosnan

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I didn’t receive much training after getting my B licence abroad. When I moved to Australia my jump numbers went up but there was very little progress in my flying. I was getting a bit bored of jumping different disciplines (from free fly, to belly to angles) without getting anywhere.

I was lucky to find out about Melissa’s Supercharge Camp when I did because I had started going to the drop zone less. During the Supercharge experience the coaches pointed out things that would benefit my flying. They explained exactly how I needed to improve my body position and why I needed to understand how I was using my body to fly. It was completely mind blowing for me at the time and kick started my progression.

Melissa put a few questions forward during our coaching calls. It was the first time I thought of any progression in the sport. It’s the first time I realised there was somewhere I could go with this.
I loved how the camp was broken down, before each flight we had to think of how we were flying our bodies. Another first, thinking about how to fly.

By using the tunnel for the camp, the Supercharge team have given an amazing opportunity for people, especially beginner flyers, to figure out how to efficiently fly their bodies. Since I’ve been Supercharged, I’ve gradually improved each year and have found the more progression I do the more fun it is flying.

“I was awesome. I wanted to be more awesome.”

Ian Baldwin

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I went to a Supercharge camp run by the awesome Melissa Harvie and the awesome Kate Vaughan.

Bloody awesome!

With different levels of awesomeness in the room they managed to nail delivery of info to all levels not leaving anyone lagging needing more info before tunnel time.
Once I mastered my legs the drive and awesomeness indeed increased and fun was being had.

I have also dedicated my time to bringing sexy back to skydiving but that is a different story…
PS. I am a lover not a writer.

“Gateway to the sky. Nothing compares with the width, depth, intensity, and science of a Supercharge camp.”

John Leach

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My story started in 1991 when at age 45, I started skydiving. It was a different world then. If a 4 way could turn 12 points, they could make it to the Nationals. Time off work for sporting events or training camps however was not readily granted, so that rather cramped the style of any skydiver who had a regular job.

I had a mortgage, a wife, a family, and all the usual associated expenses. I also had a serious job, a sales job with ridiculously high annual sales targets and the condition that you achieve 90 to 100% or you’re gone. I could mostly afford to take only half of my holidays in any year as targets had to be achieved. I kept my job for over 30 years, paid off the mortgage, kept the family afloat, and financed my skydiving. I’m grateful for that.

In those days skydiving techniques, body positions etc. were picked up mainly as we went along. Much of what we “picked up” was inefficient.

When Cessna Caravans became the jump ships of choice, I became interested in big ways. Equinox boogies introduced us to 32 ways and international coaches.

Then came the best thing to happen in Australian skydiving; Aussie Bigways and P3. Our operation consists of people who are highly professional Aussie coaches, with the organizational expertise to bring to us carefully structured 32 ways, regular training camps, and a pathway for individual performance improvement.

Wind tunnels. At the time Queensland had no wind tunnels. It was a recommendation at an Aussie Bigways Camp that prompted me to attend my first Supercharge Camp at Penrith in November 2016, followed by another in July 2018. I also did coached sessions at Perris and at Surfers Paradise, but nothing compares with the width, depth, intensity, and science of Melissa’s Supercharge camps. The longer you carry old muscle memory, the longer it takes to replace it.

Supercharge Camps were the means by which I was able to hit the erase button on old body positions and to embrace a whole new tool box of body positions, manoeuvres, body mechanics, and self -confidence. Dragging a caravan 7000km to Nagambie (twice) and to beautiful Moruya (twice) to attend P3 Big Way Camps, plus one at Toogoolawah provided me with the means to translate my new found Supercharge principles around posture, body position, and body mechanics into improved performance in the sky. Perris P3 camps in 2017, 18, and 19 also helped in this translation phase.

As the Aussie Big Way Record attempt in June 2019 approached, I had some issues. My loyal and supportive wife Chris had been suffering with nausea for 18 months and no medical procedures or specialists had been able to restore her to good health. During our stay of 5 weeks in Perris she seemed to struggle through each day ok, but it must be better than that. I was very concerned for her every day. Her battle is mine to. As soon as I got onto the DZ I had to file that one away somehow. Visualizing & dirt diving moves were good.

Having got through the Perris P3 Big Way Camp ok, I was looking forward to the 100 Way Camp. I wasn’t fast enough getting to my reference and to my slot, and so I didn’t get onto the 100 Way Camp. That knocked the wind right out of my sails. I had seen this as a key step in achieving my objective of making it onto the new Aussie Record team. This was a serious blow to me. Greg Jack however said to me “never mind mate, just get your arse into the sky, grab every opportunity to jump, and we’ll look at it then.” I followed Greg’s advice, slogged my way through a tough week of what were in fact some reasonable jumps, and found my name on a slot in the first Aussie Record training jump. Working day by day & jump by jump, I made it through to the final record-breaking jump. I was there! What an experience it was.

I owe a lot to a lot of people for that.

Thank you, Greg Jack, and ALL our P3 coaches for your skills, expertise, belief, commitment, positivity, and objective based approach.

Thank you, Melissa, and your Supercharge team for your belief, your technical approach, and your delivery of a powerful package of new efficiencies to the sky diving community.

Thank you to all participants in the 130-way record jump. You all played a part in getting me there. Slaps on the shoulder & smiles as you walked past me. From a few old mates, a (verbal) kick up the arse & comments “Leachy I’ve jumped with you lots before, you’ve done this sort of thing before, and you can and will do it again”. The days just got better and better. Positive reinforcement.

So that, on top of everything technical and physical illustrated to me the power of the human mind, mine and everybody else’s. Collectively it’s a powerful weapon.

The lesson; this game is all about – preparation – irrepressible positivity – self-confidence – self-belief. Carry some with you every day.

AND no matter what, go in hard – keep slogging on until you achieve your objective.

On Supercharge:
Supercharge to me was a gateway to finding the erase button to clear the muscle memory of inefficient skydiving body positions, manoeuvres etc. from 29 years ago and to replace them with a powerful package of new, carefully researched and proven body posture, flying positions, and manoeuvres which will dramatically improve flying stability, precision moves and highly effective recoveries.

New young skydivers will have a big edge over older skydivers as they will be learning the right way right at the start, so any time NOW is the right time to do Supercharge.

The program is highly structured, professionally researched, and documented in detail so participants have a valuable reference package to take home, as well as wind tunnel videos.

Melissa is an accomplished skydiver, having achieved success in Australian and World competition. Such success and experience form a base upon which to transition the wind tunnel body positions into improved performance in the sky. It even enhances the awareness of body positions necessary for successful aircraft exits.

Melissa’s passion and enthusiasm for what she brings to the sport and for passing on her extensive knowledge has attracted like – minded skydivers into her Supercharge team. They too are driven by the objective of seeing all who do Supercharge improve and succeed.

Pre and post camp telephone contact ensures that expectations are set, met, and followed up. Melissa and her team end up being ongoing mentors.

Supercharge, Melissa, and her team all contributed to my success in getting onto the 130-way team that set a new Aussie big way record on 3rd of June 2019 and for that I am eternally grateful.

“If you want to improve your flying and get to the next level, this is the best value for money you can invest in yourself and your skydiving.”

Leon Black

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My name is Leon, I am an entrepreneur that loves life, loves adventure and am a bit addicted to adrenaline. I started skydiving in October 2012.

After my first jump I was absolutely hooked! It was such an amazing experience and I wanted to pursue it further.
Additionally, working in the tech space, it is a very connected world. Always on a phone, always contactable. Skydiving is one of the only things that lets me detach, escape from that world and truly focus on something else. Allowing me to reset and recentre.

I was very fortunate in my skydive career to become associated with several skydivers that have been in the sport for many of years with lots of experience. This engrained me to getting involved with the big way events, working towards a new Australian record.

I was also able to join some 4-way teams with other players way ahead of my experience level which forced me to level up quickly.

I was one of the first to go through the Supercharge program when it was released and without a doubt it is likely the most effective way to level up your flying, your skills and understanding in the shortest time possible.
I am certain that my participation in this certainly lead to the flying skills I have now.

Which has resulted in;

  • Holding more than 4 Australian records
  • Multiple gold and silver awards from different events and national competitions (4-way and 8-way)
  • An all-around improved flying capacity in multiple disciplines in skydiving

If you want to improve your flying and get to the next level, this is the best value for money you can invest in yourself and your skydiving.

“I am aiming to become an AFF instructor soon. The skills I learnt from Supercharge are also very useful in my coaching.”

Chuang Liu

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I started training with the Aussie Bigway team around 200 jumps, aiming to be part of the new National Record in 2019. I participated almost every training camp since then, but my performance was unstable, sometimes good but sometimes bad, which made me very nervous. I didn’t have enough confidence to fly closely with other jumpers, but to be part of the largest formation, I must be able to do that.

I attended a Supercharge Training Camp in March 2019. The camp was very well organised, highly customised for each individual. Melissa and Greg are such nice coaches, not only helped me improve my skills, but also helped me build my confidence. The 3 day training camp was very efficient and it was a very pleasant experience. The coaches supported us and we as trainees supported each other as well. With the skills and confidence I took from the Supercharge camp, I successfully became part of the new 130-way National Record.

Now I’ve got my certificate B coach rating, and I am aiming to become an AFF instructor soon. The skills I learnt from Supercharge are also very useful in my coaching. I really appreciate Melissa and Greg for providing such a good opportunity to make me a better jumper, and I would recommend Supercharge to everyone who wants to become a better skydiver!

“Both before we started working together, and even after, I feel warmth & completely supported. As a new jumper, its encouraging.”

Kristy Guy

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The training I received throughout my Supercharge Clinic was highly professional. Melissa is a breath of fresh air & working with her was a beautiful experience. It was very personalised. I knew I was completely supported, right from the beginning.

I was always quite a shy, nervous person growing up. Over there years I chose to step out of my comfort zone where possible. Started to play a little sport to help me open up, socialise a bit to help strengthen a few inner demands. I had done a couple slightly adventurous things in my time and had hoped to one day, tick a tandem jump off the bucket list as many do.

Skydiving was not top of the list for the obvious reason. – I simply never really knew if I would actually, exit the plane.
My friend had a “joke” with me saying I should join him to do the AFF course. He was only joking because he had done a few tandem jumps. He was to do AFF & I was to do my tandem.

I figured I’d give him the middle finger (as a joke) and never did that tandem. I tell him now, ‘tandem’s are for boys’.
Why do you skydive? Good question. I still ask myself the same thing!!

Its teaching me to believe. To believe in me for once. To push through even when I’m scared. To learn to focus & have faith, in me. Something I can tend to lack.

Whilst I am still struggling with landings & feel a little stuck, I feel drawn to keep trying, to push through until I get through it. For some crazy reason, I am enjoying this awesome journey.

I’ve been surprised to see that at times when I’ve been pretty challenged in my life (since jumping), for some reason, when I’d go home, I felt all the pressure had eased. A little like having a full day mediation session.

Even after AFF1, 2 & 3. I was never ever doing the AFF course. I had no desire to. Just one more jump. That’s it & I’m done…“No way, Uh Ah. Not interested – “not me”.

I’ll just do one more.

“Melissa’s attention to detail not only improved my FS skills, the fundamentals she instils improved my VFS and Dynamic flying as well.”

Mark Lea

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Even as an experienced tunnel flyer, I truly benefited from not only my time as a student of Melissa’s, but also as a tunnel instructor being able to watch her coach.

Melissa’s attention to detail not only improved my FS skills, but I was also able to use the fundamentals she instils to improve my VFS and Dynamic flying as well. Her passion for progressing the sport is contagious.

“Coming later than others to skydiving, I brought with me all the anxieties and expectations of self, typical of a tertiary educated 50 something.”

Mark Higgins

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Professionally, I focus upon detail, precision, repetition to ensure perfection, visualising and performance designed to be better than others. Supercharge provided the opportunity to extend those professional skills in a sporting and leisure activity environment.

Enrolment in Supercharge coincided with a realisation that something more was needed for my personal flying skills that could be reinvested into 4-way FS and the forthcoming 2019 Aussie Bigway Record in Perris, California.

On a cost benefit analysis, for me personally, the value of Supercharge can be measured by the results that followed: gold medal in NSW State Championships 4 way FS, bronze medal National Indoor Championships 4 Way FS, and Australian Record 130-way.

Supercharge provided me with personalised tuition that identified how I could improve my flying skills and gave me a structured series of lessons to implement those strategies long after the program was finished.

Teams perform better when they Supercharge

“Winner winner…Bin chicken dinner!!!”

Bin Chickens – 4-way team

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We achieved a 14.5 average in A with a National gold medal and solid flying skills to show for it. Compare what we did under Melissa’s mentorship with what we might have achieved with enthusiasm only, there is no comparison!

“Super stoked to be a team that trains hard but laughs hard as well!”

Wild Cards – 4-way team

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All Supercharge graduates, Wildcards are committed to helping each other be the best flyers possible!

“The Supercharge team’s passion and commitment both before, during and after our camp was inspiring.”

What’s Next? – 4-way team

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The 4way team, ‘What’s Next?’, consisting of myself, (Chris Betchley), Greg Hill, Andy Mulholland and Mike Dyer, and was cobbled together as a ‘SOS’ team for the 2018 (14th) World POPS meet held at Nagambie in 2018.

After only 4 practice jumps together on the day of registration, we quite unexpectedly took out the silver medal. As 4 skydivers who have all been in the sport for 40+ years, we had a ball, and soon realised how much fun 4way was!

We were relatively new to 4way and quickly became aware that it required a whole new way of flying. We committed to a training schedule in preparation for the World POPS meet in 2020 (Dunkeswell, UK), and the idea of Melissa’s Supercharge Camp for the team was thrown in the mix and very soon grew legs.

The one on one coaching calls with Melissa prior to the camp were a great way to ensure that everyone was on the same page, where we were at as a team, and as individuals, goals and expectations etc., so we hit the ground running on day 1. With Greg and I being ‘tunnel virgins’, the subsequent Supercharge camp was a steep learning curve and I for one felt like an absolute beginner in the sport after our first session!

The passion and enthusiasm of Melissa and her team helped us all, particularly as individuals to address old (bad) habits and develop new skills necessary for 4way flying. We came away with a real sense of achievement and renewed passion for the sport.

I would describe the Supercharge experience as intense, both physically, and mentally (bearing in mind we are no spring chickens!) and thoroughly worthwhile for anyone wishing to improve their skills. I remain in awe of Melissa’s flying ability in the tunnel (and don’t mess with LG or Kate either!). Their passion and commitment both before, during and after our Supercharge camp was inspiring.

“A great experience! “

Gravity Orphans – 4-way team

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Great experience to enter the first competition with a great group of people and the guidance and support of someone with the experience and approach Melissa brings.

Brendan Henderson (Gravity Orphans – I learnt heaps that I will certainly use on many jumps to come, and I already have!

Stay updated, find an event, or schedule your training.