Supercharge supports you in first steps and all the way to the podium

Fly like a pro and have more fun, learn 4-way, compete and become a coach

We offer courses to help you:

Develop your personal Flying Skills

After B-Rels, if you learn how to fly with greater precision, speed, and power you can have more fun and be included in teams and events. Supercharge offers three incremental levels of training. You can join an intensive 3 day Camp to complete an entire level in one go or break your training down into 1 day Clinics. Train as an individual, with friends or as a team. We personalise your training to support your goals.

Learn and be competitive in 4-way FS

Supercharge coaches are experienced in competitive 4 and 8 way FS and large formation flying. They have competed at National and World levels. Join up with others for an introduction or work with your chosen coach to train as a team and learn how to apply best practice techniques, fly together, and score more points. Supercharge offers a virtual training program as well as hands on coaching in air and in the tunnel.

Become a coach

Would you like to develop your own coaching skills and help others progress in the sport? Supercharge offers a 4-way Coach the Coach program to help you introduce this discipline to others. You will learn tips and tricks to prepare jumps, how to communicate and apply best practice flying techniques and facilitate a debrief with positive learnings.

You can register for a scheduled event via our Facebook page or contact us to plan training to suit you.

Check out the three levels of training we offer in our Camps and Clinics

Level 1

The next step after B-rels or a refresher for efficient foundations.

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Establish skills to fly efficiently; create a balanced posture and learn how to use your arms, legs and body as control surfaces to fly relative to others. In four Modules:

  1. Posture
  2. Proximity
  3. Perspective
  4. Relative Work

Level 2

Add physical and mental techniques to perform more complex moves.

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Integrate your foundational skills, combine manouvres and fly with greater anticipation and precision in more complex sequences. In three Modules:

  1. Integrated Mechanics
  2. Mental Focus
  3. Complexity

Level 3

Push your boundaries to fly with more power, precision and speed.

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Optimise your skills, knowledge and attitude; finesse your body flight techniques and learn how to fly with increased power and speed. Modules are tailored to your goals and the performance required in your chosen FS discipline and slot.

“Despite having 1700 jumps, going back to the basics was the best way to improve my flying and to achieve my goal; I was on the record-breaking team in Perris 2019!”

– Jarrod Matthews

What are the costs and what’s included?

Our priority is helping you gain confidence and control in your flying so that you can:

Be included


Have more fun


Achieve your skydiving goals

There are 3 cost components. 

Coaching Fees

Covers cost of any coaching calls, related resources, and event coaching.

Tunnel time / jump tickets

You pay for tunnel time or jump tickets in addition to coaching fees.

Coach expenses

Travel and accommodation expenses may apply

“Supercharge fundamentals have served me well as I’ve begun to transition to other disciplines in the sport, giving me a strong flying position and big picture mentality.”

– Anton Brown

The Small Print

Coaching Fees

  • Coaching fees for virtual coaching calls and coached events are payable to Supercharge (Melissa Harvie) 14 days in advance, excl. GST.
  • Fees for virtual coaching calls are not refundable once coaching materials are released.
  • Fees for coached events are refundable if you need to cancel, reasonable cancellation costs may apply.

Coaches travel and accommodation

Events at iFLY Melbourne or Perth may incur additional costs for coaches travel and accommodation.

Tunnel Time Costs

  • Costs are in addition to Coaching fees.
  • Tunnel time is scheduled with the tunnel provider by the Supercharge team.
  • Costs are payable per person to the tunnel facility prior to the scheduled Camp or Clinic.
  • Terms and Conditions apply, refer individual tunnel facility Terms and Conditions.
  • Camps typically require a mix of Peak and Off-Peak time.
  • Personal account time can be applied towards the off-peak cost component of a Camp or a Clinic.

Skydiving event costs

Participation costs are confirmed on an event specific basis

Stay updated, find an event, or schedule your training.